Thursday, November 1, 2012


Our first Paleo Halloween was not that different from Halloweens in past years.  Last year PaleoGirl picked one or two pieces of candy and left the rest for the Great Pumpkin.  She in turn woke up in the morning to a new game.

PaleoGirl's stash is in the upper left and PaleoBoy's in the lower right.  He wasn't all that excited about the whole Trick or Treating thing.

This year she (and PaleoBoy) traded in the candy she collected from Trick or Treating at our local mall for gluten free rice crisp treats and a couple pieces of gluten free, dairy free chocolate.  Both kids had to "pay" for the new treats with their candy collection.  They each got a couple of the new treats and the rest of the candy went to trick or treaters who mobbed our house.  We had more trick or treaters this year than any year in the past and we ran out of candy.  Yes, I did buy real, rot your teeth, everything we can't eat filled chocolate for the Trick or Treaters.  I just couldn't bare having the label of being the house with the lousy candy.  I'll work on that for next year!

We did have an awesome Paleo dinner though.  I made an Apple Cider Beef Stew with sweet root vegetables.  I know, I know it's a little high in carbs, but I figure we needed some beneficial carbs to keep the kids from "indulging" in too many gluten free treats.  This was a great, filling fall dinner.  PaleoGirl told me how good it was as she finished off everything in her bowl.  PaleoBoy ate all the veggies happily and asked for more, but was not as excited about the meat.  I thought it was yummy, but am starting to question my relationship with beef.  But that is for another post.

Now that Halloween is over, it's time to plan for the events of the next month.  First is my birthday on the 4th.  Then a trip to go visit my family for Thanksgiving, and then we're moving!  Wow!  Busy month.  What is your favorite part of the November?
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